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Officers from the Isle of Dogs are planning to conquer one of the City of London's tallest buildings to raise funds for a girl's life-saving treatment.

The group of eight will join other PCs at Tower 42 on January 22, where they will attempt to scale the 42-storey building's 920 steps.


A brasserie on the Isle of Dogs has been successful in its bid for a license, despite complaints from neighbours such as airport boss Richard Gooding.

Cafe Sen on Crews Street was granted permission for pre-recorded music and late-night refreshment on Thursday night (January 14).

aa-jan21-ice142.JPGYou might think there has been more than enough ice around in recent weeks but Canary Wharf had a whole lot more today.

The London Ice Sculpting Festival got underway in Canada Square this morning, with international sculptors looking to carve a name for themselves.


He's a fan of the classic art of clock-making, and has a soft spot for the style of the dapper English gentleman.

Is Marcus Waterloo the sort of man you'd expect to be launching "apps" for the iPhone?


Host boroughs of the 2012 Olympics have criticised the Government for stalling over a legacy plan.

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales, who is chairman of the five Olympic boroughs unit, said West Ham United might have taken up permanent residence at the Olympic Stadium if legacy work had been pushed ahead earlier.


Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg believes major banks should be broken up to avoid a repeat of last year's financial crash.

Mr Clegg told a Reuters Newsmaker event in Canary Wharf on Monday that "we cannot afford mistakes in the City of London to hold a gun to the head of the rest of the economy".

Paul Carrack, The Barbican

Veteran British singer serves up a skilful blend of soul, pop and rock to an appreciative audience.

policestock.jpgA 26-year-old man has been charged with the rape of a woman in Surrey Quays on New Year's Day.

Mark Ramdin, of Kirkwood Road, Peckham, was charged on Tuesday with the assault, which took place close to Surrey Quays Road in the early hours of January 1.

aa-jan14-byron1.JPGCanada Square is set to get a little more hip when jeans giant Levi Strauss opens a store in the mall.

The iconic jeans brand is set to take over the premises vacated by Oasis when it moved its store to Jubilee Place mall before Christmas. It should be selling its 501s sometime in the spring.

Sculpture in the Workplace

By Louisa Emery on January 14, 2010 1:10 PM |

glenys142.JPGMichael Stipe, Bill Nighy and Glenda Jackson are among the famous faces to be found in the lobby of One Canada Square from this week. Immortalised in clay they are part of a collection of figurative pieces by artist Glenys Barton.

The sculptor originally trained as a dancer at the Laban Dance Centre, now based in Deptford. And it was there her fascination with people's bodies first developed.