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Several lights on Canary Wharf's glittering skyline will blink out for an hour on Saturday (March 28).

Wharf tenants are among the organisations getting involved with the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour, which will see 2,398 cities in 83 countries switch off their lights at 8.30pm local time.


Film festival visitors will be able to watch events such as the Queen's coronation in 3D next month.

Cineworld West India Quay will show footage such as Elvis Presley concerts as part of the East End Film Festival from April 23 to 30.

ff-mar19-Skinner.jpgHarlequins first team squad take a break from pursuing the game's big prizes when they coach teams in the City Scrum tournament tomorrow.

Quins players will coach 15 teams, including several from Canary Wharf, in the touch rugby tournament with skipper Will Skinner will coaching Credit Suisse.


So you've come up with an idea that's going to change the world?

But how do you protect it so that it doesn't end up lining someone else's pockets? According to intellectual property lawyer Michael Gardner, the first thing you have to do is shut up about it.


Oz And James Drink To Britain
Oz Clarke and James May

Pavilion Books, £19.99

"It is the confused offspring of Dorling Kindersley and a teenager's be-doodled chemistry work book."


Just a quick tip. Looking for a bite to eat on the Wharf this lunchtime and an excuse to spend twice as much time in the sun? You could do a lot worse than head to Oi Bagel in Cabot Place East which is running a buy-one-get-one-free offer on all bagels. The disadvantage of course is you end up with twice as many bagels as you really need for lunch. Better make time for the gym later.

aa-mar19-richardhouse1.jpgComic Relief might have grabbed all the headlines recently but for many charities fundraising is kept much closer to home.

A key component is corporate sponsorship, and Canary Wharf companies are high on the list of businesses lending support, usually through their charity of the year programmes.


How far would you go for a decent cup of coffee?

When Ross Hargreaves and Jon Grorud first moved into the MLS Business Centres in South Quay, they didn't fancy trekking across the bridge every time they wanted a pick-me-up.

nickshab.jpgThe Canary Wharf Classic produced two shocks on opening night when British number one Nick Matthew and former world champion Thierry Lincou were both knocked out.

Matthew, who has enjoyed a sensational start to 2009, was beaten by 18-year-old Egyptian Mohammed El Shorbagy in a five set thriller.


The council is going ahead with a crucial planning meeting which clashes with the G20 summit.

Residents hoping to hear Island applications - which include Glenkerrin's contentious Island Point and Pride plans - fear their journey may be affected by travel disruption and protests on April 2.

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