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★ Match maker | Billecart-Salmon at Paramount

The restaurant and bar at Paramount atop Centre Point could easily continue to be lazy and rely on its view. It's what the punters are pulled by.



I'm sat on a rooftop in Hoxton looking out over the glum greyness of London's near east. At least the showery weather's warm.


Wine brand Humble Grape is about to launch a crowd-funding campaign to pilot the first tech-driven wine bar in Shoreditch.

Already £150,000 has been raised in the pre-launch phase through equity crowd-funding platform Seedrs, mostly from Humble Grape customers.



Food and wine matching, Iberica
Canary Wharf

Initially I thought Iberica's food and wine evening might prove a disaster. I've a soft spot for the venue. But, its upper levels especially, suffer from less than perfect acoustics.



★ Drink | Try Spiru-Tein's guilt-free cocoa

Could a mug of hot chocolate topped with creamy marshmallows be good for you? Nature's Plus - a brand that specialises in natural health supplements - says so, with the release of its Spiru-Tein Hot Cocoa sprinkled with the sweet treats.