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bb-dec4-Laura.jpgGeorges St Pierre is probably one of the better known UFC fighters. The 30-year-old Canadian is ranked as the world's number one welterweight and there were rumours recently of him joining the Canadian 2012 wrestling team.

He spends a lot of his day training - two sessions a day, six days a week he's in the gym boxing, wrestling, sprinting and lifting weights.

ee-June2-FitnesDumbells.jpgBanish those bingo wings with some good vibrations. The Bodyvib Vibration Dumbbell is a new workout tool that aims to help you tone your arms, shape shoulders and get your body beach ready.

Much like Power Plate technology the vibration element of the dumbbell forces muscles to relax and contract several times a second, which is said to enhance the benefits of targeted exercise.


Get the look: Lisa Snowdon

M&S bikini girl and Johnny Vaughan's sidekick Lisa Snowdon looks pretty fab in a bikini, even at 39.


Get the look: The Saturdays

The Saturdays were poolside last week making headlines with their bikini bodies. So, as the temperature hits 23C, it's time to get beach ready.


Get the look: Blake Lively

Star of upcoming movie Green Lantern Blake Lively was blessed with great genes but like most Hollywood stars has to follow tough rules day in, day out to stay looking good.