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While Roger Planes spent his days creating websites, his out-of-hours blogging suffered a series of stop-starts, leaving a handful of abandoned web addresses in their wake.

The problem, he said, was the time consuming nature of blogging coupled with the issues of securing an online audience with which to target your work.

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The best idea comes at a time when you don't expect it the most," said a smiling Aurore Hochard, in an office which houses a host of newly-created start-up companies.

Olympiclogo.jpgThe website allowing people to resell their Olympic tickets will reopen this afternoon more than 10 days after it crashed.

The London Organising Committee (Locog) has confirmed that its ticketing website will reopen at 3pm, giving people two weeks to offload unwanted tickets. It will close at 6pm on February 3.

bb-Feb10-BIGBleu5.jpgWhen City worker Jonathan Hartland advertised his flat online, he was inundated with responses - offers of Viagra, a lady who ran a "massage business" and a guy who claimed to be a financial adviser to a Saudi prince. Looking for a reliable tenant and filtering through the spam proved a chore, but sparked the light bulb moment for a new business - Bigbleu.