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By Peter Golds

Over recent weeks, the Isle of Dogs has been subject to continuous traffic hold-ups caused by roadworks, in one case resulting from damage to a sewer.

Near Westferry Circus there was a temporary traffic signal next to a bus stop.



By Jim Fitzpartick

The recent Commons vote on UK action in Iraq went in favour by 524 votes to 43.

MPs were recalled in order to have this matter debated. Unfortunately, I was not able to be one of the recalled as I was on a ship off the coast of Canada.



by Andy Erlam

There have been so many complaints about the irregularities in the May 22 elections in Tower Hamlets that I believe no voter can be confident that their vote in the forthcoming General Election will be handled with efficiency or honesty.



By John Biggs

Transport for London is planning to close nearly all Underground ticket offices, including Canary Wharf, as the world uses Oysters and other contactless tickets.

It says there will still be staff on stations to assist passengers and few of us will notice the difference.



by Peter Golds

On September 11, voters in Newham's Beckton ward elected a new councillor.

The count was quick, efficient, and conducted in a calm and quiet manner. Polling stations were, as we would expect, equally calm and quiet too.

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