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Crossrail has lowered a 550 tonne tunnelling machine into a 40m shaft in the Limmo peninsula near Canning Town in preparation for the next stage of construction.

australia142.JPGLanding in Melbourne following a 23 hour flight from London, I took my great big carbon footprint and earned back a little eco kudos along the Great Ocean Road.

The well-trodden tourist route contains some of Victoria's most iconic landmarks, provides unrivalled access to Australia's cuddliest creatures and is home to internationally acclaimed wine producers.


Transport for London has released speculative plans showing potential extensions to the existing DLR network.

The map shows new lines to the east to Dagenham Dock; to the south to Catford and Forest Hill and deeper in to west London with lines to Victoria, via Charing Cross, and St Pancras, via Euston.

ee-dec2-pullman2WEBSML.jpgChristmas dinner
Orient Express

You don't actually go anywhere, but this is a deliciously weird thing to do if you're after a bit of festive spirit.