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By Giles Broadbent

For those who observe Tower Hamlets Council closely or - for health and safety reasons - at arm's length, Monday's Panorama would have contained just the one shock amid the welter allegations of mismanagement, cronyism and self-promotion.



One is a tale of rogues blasting rival gangs in violent street brawls and the other is Sons Of Anarchy. What are the other themes the two programmes got in common.


By Tabitha Ronson

Master A is fixated with the craziness that is Insanity.

I caught him glued to the Shaun T fitness phenomenon on the Shopping Channel early one morning last week.



1. The style
We should be thinking Boardwalk Empire, but this LA-set series pushes us towards Mad Men. Men wreathed in smoke (cigarette or gun), collars and ties, titfers cocked, turn-ups sharp. The jazz makes the whisky smooth as a barman's nod.


By Giles Broadbent

Deep breath. Morning after time. Sherlock wakes up a stone-cold killer but without the fiddly legal consequences. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) clutches a Golden Globe for his (considerable) pains.

For breakfast, alongside the flat champagne, a talking point. What does it all mean?

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