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Greenery, gardening patches and a snapshot of countryside life may well combine to fox Wharfers arriving on the estate today, Wednesday.

Rural sights and sounds - including planting demonstrations and tips for growing fruit and veg - will fill the space outside the Tube station for a campaign to mark the launch of new mobile game, Farm Heroes Saga.


Transport police arrested a Jubilee line train driver at the weekend over allegations he was drunk.

The 50-year-old was taken into custody at around 3pm on Saturday after officers were called to the scene at Queensbury station. The driver is understood to have been on shift for some hours.

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Canary Wharf commuters using the Jubilee Line face severe delays this morning, Friday.

The route has suspended its services between Wembley Park and Finchley Road while engineers fix a faulty train at West Hampstead, prompting disruption on the remainder of the line.



The relief that the second Tube strike failed to materialise led to palpable relief from London commuters.

But it also threw into stark relief the level to which the journey to work affects workers' general moods.

See our graphics below which quantify this phenomenon.


Commuters to Canary Wharf and across the rest of London face severe disruption this week unless last minute talks prevent a 48-hour strike.

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