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A couple of weeks ago, athletes took to the cold waters of Royal Victoria Dock in the London Triathlon, the same stretch of water that hosted this weekend's Rat Race.

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Photos of top of the range bikes stolen after a show at the Excel earlier this month have been released in a bid to catch the thieves.

The owners of the bikes made a plea for assistance last week and offered £100k for information leading to their recovery.



The great outdoors are being celebrated at the Excel Centre with a host of events coming to the Royal Docks this week.


Transport bosses have finally apologised for the chaos caused by a triathlon in September which saw thousands of motorists stuck in gridlock on the Isle of Dogs.

Transport for London director Vernon Everitt wrote to Poplar and Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick admitting the group made mistakes.


What Stuart Corbyn is attempting is not revolutionary and certainly not an "experiment", a suggestion he instantly rejects. In fact, he's insistent it's a return to business as usual in the property market, especially in London.

To observers who have grown up on property prices, mortgage spirals, nest-eggs and the cult of ownership, it may appear as verging on contrary.