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Politicians and business leaders in east and south-east London have ramped up their campaign to force Boris Johnson to build a bridge between Newham and Greenwich.


Using that faux-naif, bumbling yet charming manner of Boris Johnson, the London Mayor has carefully cultivated an air of confusion over his thoughts on a London river crossing.

Since the '70s there have been repeated attempts to take the pressure off the Blackwall Tunnel and other beleaguered links but, so far, they have come to naught.


It closed in dramatic fashion on Sunday, then re-opened two days earlier than expected.

But does the Blackwall Tunnel's short hiatus highlight the need for extra river crossings in the east?


London Mayor Boris Johnson may be considering installing a river crossing at the site of the proposed Thames Gateway Bridge after all.

The mayor dumped long-mooted plans for the bridge between Beckton and Thamesmead a year ago, and re-stated his position last month that it would "bring unacceptable impact in terms of traffic, congestion and pollution to the area".


THE MAYOR’S offer to push on with the Silvertown Crossing is poor consolation for scrapping the Thames Gateway Bridge, according to London Assembly Member John Biggs.

Mr Biggs said that, while he supported a crossing at Silvertown, the Thames Gateway Bridge was still essential.