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By Lutfur Rahman

lutfurrahman.jpgSt Dunstan's and All Saints Church in Stepney provided the perfect backdrop for our multi-faith gathering to celebrate the launch of the second round of the Community Faith Building Support scheme.

The scheme will help faith organisations during a difficult financial time to repair, adapt and improve places of worship.

By Peter Golds


The collapse of Portugal's government, which happened on Budget day and is likely to cost UK taxpayers another £3billion as we assist in bailing out their troubled economy, is an added warning of the current fragility of the economic situation and the need for policies to control borrowing. In many ways the building blocks for the Budget were set last year.

By John Biggs


We recently discovered that cycle hugging Mayor Boris has a vice - taxis.

That is not to say that taxis are a bad thing but when you present yourself as the outdoor type it seems like a bit of a cheat.

There were more than £4,000 of taxi bills for his first year, which is about £80 a week.