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The future of 850 workers at two Silvertown factories may be decided in Dublin on Sunday when Europe's agriculture ministers meet to decide sugar policy.

They are expected to cave into pressure to continue protecting the European industry at the expense of importers from beyond the EU such as Tate & Lyle's Thames refinery.


It was a pirate's life for staff at Tate & Lyle Sugars as they donned eyepatches and hats to volunteer for charity.

Six teams of employees switched the shores of the Royal Docks for a day at various Richard House Children Hospice charity shops, including the pirate-themed extravaganza in Upminster.


London MEPs have called on the EU to relax its rules on sugar imports to safeguard thousands of skilled jobs, including those at Tate & Lyle's Silvertown operations.

Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis has led the charge against the union's preferential treatment towards imports from developing countries.


When it comes to digging a tunnel, sometimes - perversely - heading into a blank wall of untouched earth is a lot simpler than re-working an existing hole.

Especially when that existing hole is somewhat battered about by time and bomb damage and its crown is unnervingly close to a vast expanse of water above, ready to exploit the smallest of cracks.


The Tate and Lyle plants dominate the north of the Thames by Silvertown.

Henry Tate was the first to occupy space on land that was formerly marshes and named after Samuel Winkworth Silver, who began his India rubber, gutta percha and telegraph cable works there in 1852.