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Campaigners on both sides of the Thames Tideway Tunnel debate have vowed to stand their ground as the plans are put under the spotlight.

Last week saw the start of an examination of a planning application, submitted by Thames Water, to create a super sewer to tackle the millions of tonnes of untreated sewage that seeps into the river each year.


The hotly-debated proposal for a Thames super-sewer will edge closer to planning consent when an application is submitted today.

Thames Water, the company behind the development, will present its 50,000 page Thames Tideway Tunnel document to the Planning Inspectorate, saying the scheme is "urgently required" to tackle untreated sewage that seeps into the tidal stretches of the river.

SOCIETY_blog.jpgSuper Sewer. I'll say it again; Super. Sewer. What a gift for Thames Water. It sounds like stainless steel, clean white enamel tiles, women in severe skirts and white coats clutching iPads with live data streaming waste water updates as they gaze at the perfectly sanitised liquid flowing past. It's what Daniel Craig's next adversary will build under London.

By Jim Fitzpatrick

jimELECT.JPGRecently, I chaired the latest meeting between Thames Water and King Edward Memorial Park campaigners.

The project to build a new sewer causeway for London is a multi-billion pound initiative and will have impacts right along its route, from west to east London.


After months of consultations and pledges to listen and adapt, Thames Water has decided to plough ahead with its construction sides for the multi-billion-pound super sewer.

The news has come as a bitter disappointment to campaigners who had fought tough campaigns, signed petitions and recruited celebrities to fend off disruption to key foreshore sights, such as King Edward VII Memorial Park in Wapping.

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