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CS41810902Anthony Gormley sculp.jpgA mysterious figure that seems to be walking on water has appeared outside The Grapes at Dunbar Wharf.

And it's not a Mordor spell that made the Antony Gormley sculpture magically appear, but Sir Ian McKellen who had the figure installed outside his pub, looking out at the tides of the Thames.


Sir Ian McKellen has slammed Margaret Thatcher's administration for slandering homosexuality.

The Limehouse-based actor said the former Prime Minister, whose funeral is due to take place on Wednesday, "misjudged the future" by pandering to the right wing of her party over Section 28, thereby setting back gay rights two decades.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
(12A) 169mins

Peter Jackson's return to Middle Earth is an astonishing feat, peppered with joyous performances and brimming with imagination.

IanMckellenWEEEEBBY.jpg"I heard one of those tourist boats going past one day say, 'on the left hand side is the pub where Charles Dickens wrote some of his famous plays and that house on the left, painted pink, that belongs to Julian Clary. Well, one queen's much like another for them I suppose.They've gone back to saying that's Gandalf's house now. I wish they wouldn't, but what can you do?"

ian mckellen142.jpgHollywood actor and Limehouse resident Sir Ian McKellen has long harboured an ambition to open a little tea shop.

This month, in partnership with his old friend the theatre director Sean Mathias and Evening Standard chairman and one-time owner of Sake No Hana Evgeny Lebedev, he took over historic pub The Grapes in Narrow Street instead.