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How We Got To Now
Steven Johnson (Penguin)

The world is rich with academics with a good turn of phrase exploring the history of ideas and innovations, making the mundane endlessly fascinating.


The Sixth Extinction
Elizabeth Kolbert (Bloomsbury)

In this engrossing book, one idea stands as a marker. As author Elizabeth Kolbert points out, all that we are, all that we have done, from printing presses to pyramids, from St Paul's to iPods will eventually become a rock strata the thickness of a cigarette paper.


Spinning is an intense exercise routine, designed for those who want to get ultra-fit, and likely to put off those who prefer a more laid-back approach.


By Giles Broadbent

War drives innovation. Copper sheathing for hulls was first suggested in 1708 to tackle the problem of weed growth that slowed and hobbled ships of the line.

But it wasn't until decades later the practice was pushed and perfected.

George Green at WKC 4[1].jpg

With their brains buzzing with science facts and experiment ideas, pupils at an Isle of Dogs school are busy preparing projects for The Big Bang Fair 2013.

The annual event, to be held at Westminster Kingsway College, strives to introduce youngsters to careers in science, technology, engineering and maths and spark interest with a host of hands-on activities from businesses and universities.