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By Tabitha Ronson

According to a new report, women can have it all.

Yes, it's official. Woman can go to work, do all the housework, raise a family, enjoy regular nights out with the girls, look like Amal Clooney (alright that may be pushing it) - all without damaging their offspring.


Tower Hamlets Council has denied that the borough's schools are suffering from the malign influence of Islamist fundamentalist.

The council says there is "no evidence" that any "Trojan Horse" activities will be uncovered despite an Ofsted spot check on Marner Primary School. The council says it expects the school will receive a "clean bill of health".


Professor Brian Cox's interest in space was first sparked by staring at the starry night skies.


Pupils started the school year at a newly-created secondary in the Royal Docks today, Monday.


By Tabitha Ronson

The letter sent home in Master A's book bag read: "Please would you prepare a five-minute talk to the class this summer term. You can bring in photographs, or special artefacts to illustrate your talk. You may even choose to create a PowerPoint presentation..."

A PowerPoint presentation! Master A is six.

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