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The story of London is the story of river conquests. From the first Roman pontoons, through the congested first London Bridge to the gothic splendour of Tower Bridge and onward to the prospect of a new Garden Bridge, these crossings are a reflection of a people and their times that carry more significance than mere engineering.



South Bank

Skylon's brilliance is in what's not there. The inverted alien cigar that gives the place its name, present only as pen and ink on the menu.

How the Thames Barrier is being deployed to help flood affected areas along the river. Tidal defences operations manager Andy Batchelor talks to ITV London.


The Government launched its National Infrastructure Plan on Wednesday morning unveiling billions of pounds worth of investment.

But business representatives in the capital have said the lack of reference to east London river crossings is a missed opportunity.


Waterways charity Thames 21 has launched a four-year programme to tackle pollution in the east London's rivers, backed by HSBC's Water Programme.

The campaign, called Fixing Broken Rivers follows the death of thousands of fish in the summer after heavy rain washed vast amounts of road pollutants into the River Lea.