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By Giles Broadbent

You may believe that Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman is right to challenge the Government's investigation into alleged financial malpractice at the Town Hall.


The mayor of Tower Hamlets has been urged to reconsider his decision to give a key contract to a national organisation at the expense of a small Isle of Dogs disabled charity.

The reprieve could save jobs at Real which employs disabled people to deliver services to the community.


Banning wild animals from performing in circuses will be raised in Parliament by Poplar and Limehouse's MP.

MP Jim Fitzpatrick will reignite his call for the ruling with by introducing a Motion, after previously speaking out on the issue as part of a Backbench Business Committee debate in 2011.


Deloitte first raised the idea of a "chief talent officer" for London in November.

The consultancy firm had just released research that had shown - if there were any doubt - that London was the talent capital of the world, employing 1.5million in high-skilled sectors.



By Giles Broadbent

Sometimes the presentational contortions required to keep Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman on the road are so convoluted, you wonder why it's worth the effort.

You can imagine his back room team, the Thunk-Tank, writing Big Ideas on small Post-Its and then writhing around the shagpile in constipated knots agonising over the good, bad and ugly of their latest wheeze.

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