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By Andrew Williams

So much of the debate around green issues seems to revolve around predicting the future.
Will Arctic ice caps have melted in 50 years?

What will the Amazon rain forest look like in 2020? How will technological advances in solar, wind and tidal power affect our energy security? At the moment we're working on best guesses.


The entire country isn't opposed to the public sector strikes. Just those who haven't got jobs at all, those who haven't got any meaningful pensions, those in the private sector who face far more draconian cutbacks on their benefits, those in the small business sector who live with daily insecurity, and, of course, the army of parents valiantly attempting to arrange childcare as the schools shut.

IMG_3718.JPGMembers of the University and College Union took strike action across the UK today to protest at changes to pensions and pay cuts.

Staff from Tower Hamlets College, Greenwich University and University of East London took to picket lines over what they believe to be unfair increases in their pension contributions and moves to raise the retirement age.

bb-oct8-pensions1.jpgThe Government is refusing to bow to pressure in bringing forward an increase in retirement age following the recession.

At the Conservative Party conference, George Osborne unveiled proposals to raise the age of state pensions for men to 66 from 2016, eight years ahead of the current Government's proposals.

RETIREMENT may be a long way from the minds of most Wharfers but HSBC have given everyone food for thought with their latest report.

The banking giant’s insurance arm published their latest Future of Retirement report on Tuesday. The survey of 40,000 people across 25 countries revealed most of us expect to work for longer and are making more detailed provision for retirement, reflecting a growing realisation that we can’t rely on a state pension.

09may15lang.jpgRobert Lang, chief executive of HSBC Life, explained how the report’s findings showed changing attitudes to the challenge of funding retirement.