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Heading to a Wapping venue with a very different selection of wines behind its bar, I assumed getting my head around the natural, organic and biodynamic varieties would be the major challenge of the evening. But, in fact, it was the bar's name - Victualler.

AA-aug6-JamieWEB.jpgHe is famously passionate in his crusade to bring good food to the masses and Jamie Oliver has brought his message to Canary Wharf with his new restaurant.

Jamie's Italian officially opened its doors in Churchill Place yesterday and the chef spoke exclusively to The Wharf about it.


By Andrew Williams

The end is nigh. If you haven't already stocked up on tinned goods and bolted the cellar door, you may as well get ready to take part in a real life recreation of 28 Weeks Later. There have been lots of health scares in recent years, from Sars to bird flu to BSE, and now we have swine flu too.

Wharf green: ethical fashion

By Kay Harrison on February 20, 2008 2:00 PM |

NOW that the dust has settled after London Fashion Week it’s clear once again ethical
fashion has been a big draw.

Dedicated shows this year like Estethica, which was sponsored by popular Canary Wharf
retailers Monsoon and Accessorize, have highlighted the cream of existing ethical labels, while many mainstream designers have given a nod to fairly traded fabrics and organic cotton.

Closer to home, there are a bunch of up-and-coming designers who are shaping the face of ethical fashion for the future.