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By John Biggs

johnbiggs142WEBBY.jpgThere may still be legal challenges but West Ham's move to the Olympic stadium is good news. Many months of uncertainty have come to an end, we can plan for the future and, although we will never get all the money back, the risk of a major white elephant has gone.

And the club can plan for the future.


Creating an Olympic Legacy for health in the wake of the Games is a challenge that has been brought all the more closer to home.

Host borough Newham has been identified by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, as being a "hot spot" for diabetes, with one in six residents at risk of developing the Type 2 form during the next 10 years.


Compressor House, beside the Royal Albert DLR station, has been unveiled as the home for a major exhibition by photographer David Bailey.

Councillors agreed on Monday to give over the space to the East End snapper as part of a wider cultural legacy from the Olympic Games.


It's not too late. That is the heartening news from community leaders who are voicing worries that the legacy of 2012 is showing signs of losing traction.

It's not too late but it is still very late and, if the door slams with too many people on the outside, a considerable act of negligence will have been committed - and will not be easily forgiven.