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Fitness centre Sweat is shaking things up with protein-packed combinations of cinnamon, chocolate and nut drinks to help Wharfers clue up on nutrition.



When it comes to nutrition, my head's more than a little muddled. And faced with the sweet treat temptations of the Wharf - as well as its ever-present sushi and sandwich options - I don't think I'm the only one.



Can you really declare yourself one of the Wharf's fitness fanatics while Champagne dinner dates and wine nights fill the pages of your weekly diary?

Personal trainer Roger Snipes, who puts gym-goers through their paces at Reebok Sports Club, says it's all about balance.

FoodOwl.JPGHarnessing the healing powers of good food is fundamental to good health, nutritional therapist Lucy Grainge tells me as I arrive at her Cannon Workshops clinic.

Grainge, aka The Food Owl, is keen to help Wharfers ditch wilted sandwiches, scoffed in front of a mountain of emails for more nutritious options that aim to alleviate stress, fatigue and digestive problems.