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Conspiracy drama
Starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck

"Unlike the movie, you're all over the place, dealing with more twists, turns and close shaves than a confused man on a Rascal trying to find the loos at Alton Towers."


VINT Cerf has been dubbed "the father of the internet".

In helping to build the net back in the 1970s, he created a phenomenon which has revolutionised the way the world talks, shops and learns.

So what does Google's vice president believe the future holds for technology and communication in the 21st Century?

The web evangelist looks into his crystal ball during a trip to Canary Wharf.

Lauren Hughes talks to the new driving force behind an old favourite


FORMER Sunday Telegraph editor Sarah Sands has returned to Canary Wharf to re-launch the UK edition of the perennially popular Reader’s Digest – and she says she has big plans to shake up its image in the market.

Since coming on board at the Westferry Circus-based company in May this year, she has been putting changes in place and aims to increase the title’s visibility, including plans to stock it alongside its contemporaries on news stands and at airports.