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The Sixth Extinction
Elizabeth Kolbert (Bloomsbury)

In this engrossing book, one idea stands as a marker. As author Elizabeth Kolbert points out, all that we are, all that we have done, from printing presses to pyramids, from St Paul's to iPods will eventually become a rock strata the thickness of a cigarette paper.


Mason is 10. He looks out on Canary Wharf from his high-rise. He wants to take film-maker David Bond on a tour of his manor, where he takes his dog for a walk to the patch of green that is his meagre playground.

"People moan at us for playing ball games," he says as he heads past the forbidding signs and down the "curly wurly" stairs of his concrete jungle.


*Science, technology and nature notes

A decade ago life become slightly more comprehensible and infinitely more complicated when the first draft of the human genome was announced.

Promising an era of bright - and occasionally frightening discoveries in the field of genetics, hereditary diseases, identity and behaviour.


*Science, technology and nature notes

Name the body's largest organ and many would cite the liver, the brain or maybe the heart. But, truth is, the skin is king.

The Wellcome Institute has just opened a free - and occasionally ghoulish - exhibition on our outer coating - what we've thought about it, what we've done to it and how the crueller excesses of nature have distorted it.

Life Stories, by Sir David Attenborough
Harper Collins, £20

Television's greatest naturalist produces an enthralling collection of essays.