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A man who robbed a female ticket inspector of her phone on the DLR has been ordered to carry out 300 hours community service.

Sanu Miah, 24, of Glengall Grove in Limehouse, will also have to pay over £1,500 in costs and fines following the attack at Crossharbour on January 14, 2011.


VINT Cerf has been dubbed "the father of the internet".

In helping to build the net back in the 1970s, he created a phenomenon which has revolutionised the way the world talks, shops and learns.

So what does Google's vice president believe the future holds for technology and communication in the 21st Century?

The web evangelist looks into his crystal ball during a trip to Canary Wharf.


EVER looked for an upgrade for your mobile but been stumped by the array of models on offer?

Well, with one of these limited edition phones the chances are you’ll never want to buy anything else – and you won’t be on a pay-as-you-go deal either.

These Goldvish phones made from gold and diamonds are among the most expensive mobiles in the world and they are available exclusively from Canary Wharf-based company Principality Group.