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Sanctuary far from stress

By Louisa Emery on August 10, 2010 4:06 PM |

ee-jul8-monks8.JPGStress has become such a common term in the modern workplace that perhaps we no longer take it seriously, masking it with a night out rather than dealing with the problem.

A new centre in Bermondsey certainly thinks so and is keen to encourage people to join them in relieving the symptoms through their practices.


If you had bionic limbs and super strength, would you tackle the forces of evil, or sort out that stubborn mayo tin lurking in the cupboard?

As the star of the 1970s TV series The Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner was always keen to stress that great power didn't have to come with great beatings.

Stretching that old grey matter

By Lucia Blash on November 13, 2008 4:31 PM |


The “use it or lose it? theory applies to your brain in the same way it does to any other organ.

Eat right for your brain. Your brain requires healthy fats to function properly and efficiently. The body can’t produce these essential fats so your brain needs to get them from food sources.