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The mayor of Tower Hamlets has been urged to reconsider his decision to give a key contract to a national organisation at the expense of a small Isle of Dogs disabled charity.

The reprieve could save jobs at Real which employs disabled people to deliver services to the community.



By Jim Fitzpartick

We have now found out that the audit investigation into Tower Hamlets is running into the millions and it'll be local taxpayers footing the bill. As Tower Hamlets Council pulls one way and the Government pulls the other, each accusing each other of hypocrisy, the majority of us are left standing there without the end - or truth - in sight.



By Jim Fitzpartick

Iexpect many people will be glad that the local elections are over after months of people ringing their doorbell and putting leaflets through their letterbox. I'm disappointed with the mayoral result. John Biggs was a fantastic candidate who, above all, would have brought transparency to the council.

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If the problem with Tower Hamlets politics is the deep and toxic divisions, for Newham it's the opposite.


The full list of candidates have been released for next month's Tower Hamlets mayoral election.

They include four independents, as well as candidates from all of the main parties. In total there are 10 people standing in the vote on May 22.

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