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By Giles Broadbent

"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors," said Jonas Salk, the polio vaccine pioneer.

Best Christmas markets in London 2014

By Rob Virtue on October 25, 2014 10:24 AM |

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It's just a few weeks away so you might as well plan your festive drinks now. And what better place to do it than at a Christmas market. Here's our guide to the best around.

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Looking for somewhere to have a bit of ghoulish fun this Halloween? We've found the best Halloween events around east London and Canary Wharf.


What Shoreditch hipsters will tell you is confirmed by the environmentalists. It's east London that makes west London cool.

And that perennial role - as temperature regulator rather than fashion barometer - will become increasingly important as the capital comes to terms with the impact of climate change.


As London property prices rise and space becomes increasingly precious, former JP Morgan employee David Fuchs believes he has found a simple solution for storage.

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