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marie milligan142.JPGWhere do grown ups go for careers advice? According to Marie Milligan more and more people are looking towards coaches to support them in moving from their current job in the direction they really want to go in.

Marie is a life, business and careers coach who works with clients to try to find out what will motivate them to take the next step.

life coach142.JPGWouldn't it be wonderful if someone could wave a magic wand and sort your life out.

Sadly life coaching isn't quite that simple but if you are prepared to step outside your comfort zone, Alastair Hill from The Docklands Clinic believes you can certainly start to get things back on track.

bb-Dec16-Kay'sAura.jpg True success can only be achieved when you are doing something well suited to your talents and passions, at least according to life coach Joy Watkins who uses aura readings to help empower people to fulfil their dreams.

American born Joy, 45, lives in Stratford where she runs her aura reading and life coaching business, Joyasha, visiting clients across London.

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