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1 Kylie hits The O2

Aussie pop princess Kylie is performing at the North Greenwich arena from Monday to Wednesday.


By Tabitha Ronson

The letter sent home in Master A's book bag read: "Please would you prepare a five-minute talk to the class this summer term. You can bring in photographs, or special artefacts to illustrate your talk. You may even choose to create a PowerPoint presentation..."

A PowerPoint presentation! Master A is six.



By Tabitha Ronson

When I walked into the office on Monday morning, I was dreading the usual "Have a nice weekend? Do anything exciting?" round of questions.

Annoying Colleague was wittering on about her long weekend to Paris. Of course, no Travelodge for her.


Judging from its longevity, my most warmly received Christmas present was the simplest - although not the simplest to obtain: Lego.

Not Hobbit Lego, or Star Wars Lego, or Ariel's Magical Boat Ride Lego or Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze Lego but a big box of Lego, which could have made any of the above and a 1,001 other toys, shapes, buildings, weapons, pets, asteroids, earwigs and/or thingamajigs.

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