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A snapshot into how Olympic legacy will play out in one section of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has been given the thumbs-up by communities living nearby.

Plans by iCITY to transform the former Press and Broadcast Centres in Hackney Wick were put on-show for the first time in a series of public consultations this month.


An advert now labels the cable car a legacy item. "Thanks to the Games," it reads, "you can now fly across the Thames and see London in a whole new light." This is part of a series of adverts branded "Gift of the Games."

Now, one could quibble, if one were so minded, over the direct correlation of the Emirates Air Line and the Olympic Games.

By John Biggs

johnbiggs142WEBBY.jpgThe Olympics have, I think, been a spectacular success and, as I write, the Paralympics are underway, with an impressive opening ceremony and hopes of continuing those achievements.

And most of my constituents, while clearly inconvenienced with bursting trains and congested roads, have not seen the catastrophic gridlock some feared.


CANARY Wharf is striving to create a London legacy all of its own.

More than 20 years after the first buildings on the estate were completed, a total of 15 million square foot of land has been developed, with 33 different buildings adding to the uniqueness of the Canary Wharf skyline.


Speaking at the London House debates held at the City Hall, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and chairman of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, Shaun McCarthy touched on the subject of lessons for London.

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