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By Louisa Emery

"I'm sure my wife would rather I had been a banker," said musician Graham Walker. "Maybe not so much now but in the beginning."

The cellist and maths graduate is one third of Classico Latino, a classically trained trio who perform Latin American music on Western instruments.

HannahWEBBBY.jpgCocktails are easy right? You just pluck the ingredients from the bar, chuck 'em in, give it a good old shake and strain the contents into a fancy glass. Then maybe an olive or a chunk of peel.

That's why, if you come round my gaff, the best you're likely to get is something that tastes, at best, reasonable, at worst, lamentable.


When I started writing this article about Pleurat Shabani, I became sidetracked by the remarkable story of the man behind the brand. And while the tale of a school drop-out from Kosovo who washed pots at an Angus Steak House is an unlikely and engaging one, it is not really what this charismatic obsessive wants to talk about. He wants to talk about his vodka.


Audiences are curious, flighty things. Every night they present a different face and a new challenge. Every night there is a new negotiation between entertainers and entertained.

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Song Of The Goat's Macbeth


By Lucia Blash

At 19 you wrote a book that spoke to a generation. You became an overnight success, hailed a literary genius.

Twenty-five years later, you write a sequel to that cult classic.