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Former Canary Wharf workers are looking to take the property world by storm with a website they say is the complete guide to buying a home.


Waterways charity Thames 21 has launched a four-year programme to tackle pollution in the east London's rivers, backed by HSBC's Water Programme.

The campaign, called Fixing Broken Rivers follows the death of thousands of fish in the summer after heavy rain washed vast amounts of road pollutants into the River Lea.

Canary Wharf bank HSBC has signalled it is setting aside millions as it prepares to review whether it mis-advised its wealthiest customers.

The group has ringfenced £93million to address any issues relating to advice given to wealth management customers over the last four years.


A Wharf-based bank has been nominated for a sustainability accolade following its research into water shortages in China.

Staff at HSBC, in Canada Square, have been shortlisted for the Farsight Award for Financial Research, part of the Sustainable City Awards.

Tate Gallery death fall man named

By Giles Broadbent on July 31, 2012 10:26 AM |


A man who fell to his death from a balcony at Tate Modern worked in Canary Wharf as a commercial banking manager, it has been revealed. Michael Foreman, 48, was an employee at HSBC's head office.

Witnesses described their horror as they watched him fall from a balcony at the member's room on to the pavement just before 6pm last Tuesday.

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