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A major factory at Greenwich Peninsula will be redeveloped to include new homes and open space.


Ballymore Properties will work alongside Oxley to develop a major scheme in the Royal Docks.



By Peter Golds

Over the past three years the Government has provided Tower Hamlets Council with £77million of taxpayer's money for housing, £25million of this is in the current financial year.

Successive governments have accepted that regeneration and new building is essential to ensure continuous improvement in our borough.



By Jim Fitzpartick

It's safe to say that if the country is in the midst of a housing crisis, we're bearing the brunt of it.

In Tower Hamlets the average home now costs almost £400,000, that's £228,000 more than the national average and 13 times the average pay in the borough.



By John Biggs

This is a vital year for Tower Hamlets. Many of us think the current mayor is letting our community down. We could do so much better. The mayor of Tower Hamlets controls a £1billion annual budget but he's failing on the basics. Rubbish goes uncollected and crime has risen in our borough, despite decreasing in Newham and Hackney.

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