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Perilous Question
Antonia Fraser, W&N

Antonia Fraser's vivid, impeccable and authentic account of the passage of the Great Reform Bill of 1832 paints a picture of tempestuous times

WarrenWEBBY1.jpgVisitors will be able to delve into the 30-year history of the Thames Barrier and learn about its role in keeping the capital safe from flooding as part of a public exhibition.

The Environment Agency both runs and maintains the London landmark, which has closed 119 times to protect the city since its completion in 1982.


Peter Snow will tonight do what most of us do every day - take a journey through the Docklands. But this being TV and all that, the journey is physical and historical as the veteran presenter traces the development and contribution of this hallowed land.

For the documentary, part of The Great British Story: A People's History, the Snowster sets out to discover how the Docklands has transformed over several centuries of history and developed into a trading and commercial powerhouse.


While several attempts have been made to revive the fortunes of this Grade I listed building in Wapping, its future appears bleak.

In 2003, English Heritage put the structure on the Buildings At Risk register and called it "too important a site to be left standing empty".


In March 1982, the Queen opened a new landmark building in London, one that had been 15 years in the making.

The Barbican, in the City, was earmarked for conferences and the arts and covered more than five acres of Cripplegate.

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