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Boutique Beauty, Pilates and Dance, Westferry.

With a name that effortlessly rolls off the tongue while evoking thoughts of a luxurious frothy coffee, Yogalates is a rather scrummy form of weekend fitness.



Can you really declare yourself one of the Wharf's fitness fanatics while Champagne dinner dates and wine nights fill the pages of your weekly diary?

Personal trainer Roger Snipes, who puts gym-goers through their paces at Reebok Sports Club, says it's all about balance.

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Fitness myths have changed. No-one thinks crunches will fix a stubborn tum any more but too many well-intentioned gym-goers now think a six pack lies in a vat of protein shake. It's time to think again. Laura Williams tackles some taboos.



By Giles Broadbent

Go to the Tuberculosis page on the NHS "Choices" website and read the reassuring list of treatments available.

With early diagnosis, the right combination of drugs and aggressive treatment the disease is curable.


Reebok Sports Club's 25-year-old swimming coach Lorcan Loughrey tells us about his personal goals and latest project in the pool.

■ What do you do at the club?

I started as a personal swimming coach in February this year.

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