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Mike Tobin scooped this year's Businessperson of the Year award at the Docklands Business Club and East London Chamber of Commerce Business Awards dinner last night.

The TelecityGroup CEO picked up the coveted trophy from Giles Broadbent, editor of award sponsor The Wharf.


Giles Broadbent is sold on the upside-down world of advertising

There's an advert on TV. You know the one. The advert for adverts from ad selling agency ThinkBox. With the guy in the chair singing some of the classics of the genre ("Just one Cornetto"; "Tell 'em about the hunny mummy"; "Accrington Stanley").


Giles Broadbent considers a radical, punitive imposition on errant MPs

I make no apology for returning to the subject of MPs' expenses. I make no apology because it is fully within the rules as laid down in the Columnist's Green Book and it is the system that stinks, not I. Reform cannot come soon enough.

Jim Fitzpatrick is the Labour MP for Poplar and Canning Town

Jim Fitzpatric240.jpg

The Government continues to do all it can to stabilise our economy. However, world-wide winds continue to blow.

Constituents with savings in Icelandic banks, Northern Rock and elsewhere have been in touch. We’re keeping them posted with developments and assurances.

The House is back, another session has begun or rather is ending.

Blunt - Concrete Pencil's Dan Bourke is away, and Giles Broadbent is feeling Under Seige

He sidled up to me at the bar at the Four Seasons and checked me up and down. I was vaguely aware of his presence, in his linen suit and crumpled navy shirt.

He looked like he had something to say and was fishing around looking for someone to say it to.

So, without invitation, he slid across his beer, followed its path and said to me: “Do you like Steven Seagal??