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Whitechapel will be a regeneration hotspot thanks to £500,000 funding from the Greater London Authority.

The cash sum from the High Street Fund will be matched by Tower Hamlet's Council and used to target business.


Start-up companies in and around east London's Tech City are predicted to thrive following a Government cash injection of £2.5million.

The seed finance, to be made available to about 400 entrepreneurs across the capital during the next 12 months, will be delivered by Start Up Direct, also based in the Shoreditch hub.


Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Newham will take a slice of the Mayor of London's annual £148million pot for transport improvements across east London.

While the cash is allocated by Transport for London (TfL), individual boroughs choose their priorities.


Woolwich will have a fully-functioning Crossrail station after a £54million funding deal was agreed.

Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT) confirmed procurement for the fit-out can now take place in preparation for opening in December 2018.

By Peter Golds

aa-nov25-Golds142WEBBY.jpgMany people will now be aware of the banners and posters outlining the "successes" of the council, somewhat like those that used to be seen on May Day in Soviet Moscow detailing the infamous tractor statistics. When you pay your council tax you may be interested to know that the banners cost £41,800 and the posters £35,547.