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The founders of Canary Wharf College initially envisaged the Isle of Dogs free school would cater for children throughout their primary and secondary studies.

The lack of space hampered plans and, instead, a school for Reception, Year One and Year Two was opened in the former Docklands Settlements Community Centre in 2011.


A free school hoping to open in Royal Docks later this year has launched a public consultation to get feedback from parents into the proposal.

Oasis Academy Silvertown has already received pre-approval from the Department for Education.


A Tower Hamlets school set up by teachers, parents and professionals has appointed its first principal.


Plans to create a secondary school in Silvertown have moved to the next level after they received an overwhelming thumbs-up from the community.

Educational charity Oasis Community Learning and Britannia Village Primary School has secured the support of parents for its joint project to form the Oasis Academy Silvertown, a free school establishment for those aged 11 to 16, set to open its doors in 2014.


The creation of a secondary school in Silvertown will feed into the wider ambitions for the re-birth of the Royal Docks as a knowledge cluster, say its backers.

Oasis Community Learning and Britannia Village Primary School have joined forces to unveil proposals for the Oasis Academy Silvertown, set to open its doors to a cohort of 120 Year Seven pupils in September 2014.

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