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Six weeks in and celebrating its first half term, Beth Allcock caught up with the man at the helm of the new Oasis Academy Silvertown.


"Unfortunately, I'm not bionic," says Sarah Counter with a rueful smile.


Pupils started the school year at a newly-created secondary in the Royal Docks today, Monday.


Canary Wharf College has been given the go-ahead to open the third arm of its school.

The Isle of Dogs establishment was one of 38 free schools approved by the Government's Secretary of State for Education this week, with 17 of these falling in the capital.


The founders of Canary Wharf College initially envisaged the Isle of Dogs free school would cater for children throughout their primary and secondary studies.

The lack of space hampered plans and, instead, a school for Reception, Year One and Year Two was opened in the former Docklands Settlements Community Centre in 2011.

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