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Ten people were arrested yesterday in connection to a large-scale fraud targeting vulnerable and elderly victims in the south west of England.



by Peter Golds

On September 11, voters in Newham's Beckton ward elected a new councillor.

The count was quick, efficient, and conducted in a calm and quiet manner. Polling stations were, as we would expect, equally calm and quiet too.


Police have charged two 18-year-olds in Tower Hamlets with conspiracy to defraud victims out of £168,600.

It is in connection with an investigation into courier fraud in the south west of England. They will appear at Bristol Magistrates Court today.


Police have arrested a 24-year-old man following an allegations of postal vote fraud around the Tower Hamlets election.

It comes as officers have revealed they had received 84 complaints of electoral malpractice in the borough over last month's campaign.


Several people have reported they were sold fake tickets to a Drake concert at The 02 in North Greenwich.