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Monkey Strength
Commando Temple, Deptford

Try to be smoother, like a predator stalking its prey," says Fitsz Dubova, as I make my way around the foam mat floor in a four-point crawl.

Fitness: What's best for my body

By Rob Virtue on August 24, 2014 9:31 AM |

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Your colleague swears by dumbbells; you get great results from machines, writes Laura Williams. So who's right? Here's my take on the most common fitness debates.



Boxing is the ideal sport for Wharfers with a competitive streak according to fight promotor Mickey Helliet, who's helping to set up a five-star gym in Limehouse.



Even when they're not physically working out at The Training Base, founder Jason Fox can keep an eagle eye on his clients' fitness rates.

Instead of shadowing their strides during a running homework assignment or counting up exact steps pedometre-style, he's relying on the rather chic Fit Bit wristband.

Fitness: Activity trackers

By Rob Virtue on July 26, 2014 9:13 AM |

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From a decline in mental health to a risk of heart disease, the evidence against sitting still for too long continues to stack up, writes Laura Williams.

But where exercise is concerned, every little really does help, so you don't need a five-day-a-week gym habit to get results.

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