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Stratford Circus will host a weekend of arts and culture for the family this Saturday at the Fun Palaces Family Day.



By Tabitha Ronson

School's out for summer!

Unlike previous years when I have struggled to cope with the seemingly endless break, I have learned from my past mistakes.



By Tabitha Ronson

I thought I'd save some money this Easter school holiday by not travelling abroad with Master A.

It's the first time in several years that we've opted to stay at home during the spring break but, with forecasters predicting great weather and a wealth of London attractions hitherto unexplored, I thought we'd give it a go.


Stylish homes offering a combination of market-town life and quick transport connections into London have been launched in the Essex countryside.


While for many Christmas is a time of fun, happiness and festive cheer for others, it can also be a period of family tensions, bouts of loneliness or grief.

Whether you're a young Wharfer heading back to your parents' home, a new mum or dad striving to create your first family Christmas or a couple with two sets of pressurising parents, measures can be taken now to ensure tensions reduce and your mind remains healthy.

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