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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle provided the key element of the Sherlock Holmes myth - the character himself - with his scientific approach to crime, his bohemian lifestyle and his restless curiosity.

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"More Solitude" screams out the white words of Tracey Emin's handwritten neon sign, casting a glow on the walls of her latest exhibition in Bermondsey.



Late Turner: Painting Set Free
Tate Britain

For the longest time pictures were brick-shaped. Photographs in an album and portraits on the wall were often pre-figured to the Golden Ratio, that pleasing aspect that had mathematical as well as aesthetic qualities.


Bold, iconic jewellery fusing inspirations of London life with the spirit of a young designer are shining out from Duffy's Shoreditch studio.

The east London talent strives to set his creations apart from the rest by bringing the industry back to its roots - constructing each of his items by hand to harness the traditional values of craftsmanship.


From this distance, Britain's unrivalled national hero Horatio Nelson appears to embody the entire span of glittering age of naval dominance such is his pre-eminence in our cultural consciousness.

And yet, definitive though his actions were, they spanned only a few years at the tail-end of the 1700s through to his victory - and celebrated death - at Trafalgar in 1805.

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