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Wharfers looking to get active this month without breaking the bank can take part in free weekly sports activities at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.


Winter is the most likely time of year for leg and foot injuries, so it's best to be prepared.

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By Laura Williams

Tired of making unrealistic promises only to find that the juicer's gathering dust and the Creme Egg ads are making you salivate?

It's time for a re-think. I've taken the top traditional New Year's resolutions and turned them into do-able, effective versions for you:

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The Wharf's Fitness Columnist Laura Williams tells us how to get the look of actor Matt Damon through tough bursts of high intensity training.

Zumba 142.jpgPounding the pavement and pumping iron isn'tfor everyone. If you need more a different kind of routine to make you get in your gym kit on, then classes can spur you on to get in shape.

Zumba Toning launches at Reebok Canary Wharf this month. The toning part refers to the addition of small hand held weights (toning sticks) the Zumba to the dance based workout set to Latin beats.