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What Shoreditch hipsters will tell you is confirmed by the environmentalists. It's east London that makes west London cool.

And that perennial role - as temperature regulator rather than fashion barometer - will become increasingly important as the capital comes to terms with the impact of climate change.



George Monbiot

"Shifting baseline syndrome" is a curse of the re-wilding movement, one of a list of foes that also includes sheep, Scottish landowners and stupid EU diktats.


London can expect more extreme weather events over the next few years with the number of "uncomfortable" days of heatwave likely to double.

The rise of intensely sunny days should prompt architects and planners to start including "cool culture" design features to make life more bearable for overheated residents and workers, say experts.


While Wharfers won't have noticed a difference in the warming hue surrounding One Canada Square, the environment has been reaping rewards from the tower's new, eco-friendly glow.

After two decades, more than 400 light fittings in the lobby have been replaced with LEDs.


CANARY Wharf Group will be joining millions of other organisations supporting energy conservation for Earth Hour this weekend.