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By Peter Golds
For over a decade now there have been concerns about election fraud.

Tower Hamlets is one of 16 local authority areas where the police and electoral officials have been tasked to pay attention. One may say "about time".


Politicians have reiterated calls for a clampdown on electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets after the Electoral Commission included it in a list of shame this week.

The borough was one of 16 UK areas - and the only in the capital - cited as 'vulnerable' by the watchdog, which urged for measures to be brought in to combat the problem.


Allegations of electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets have let to the Metropolitan Police Service beginning an investigation.

The first accusation came from the Electoral Commission last Thursday after it became concerned over a potential fraudulent registration of voters in the borough.

By Lutfur Rahman


In recent weeks, a newspaper has published some lurid claims about alleged electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets. Let's be absolutely clear, we take any such claims very seriously indeed.

Following complaints of voter fraud in the 2010 General Election, investigating police failed to find a single case in our borough.