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by Peter Golds

On September 11, voters in Newham's Beckton ward elected a new councillor.

The count was quick, efficient, and conducted in a calm and quiet manner. Polling stations were, as we would expect, equally calm and quiet too.


The mayor of Tower Hamlets has been urged to reconsider his decision to give a key contract to a national organisation at the expense of a small Isle of Dogs disabled charity.

The reprieve could save jobs at Real which employs disabled people to deliver services to the community.


Tower Hamlets is to push ahead with a legal challenge to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles' investigation into alleged impropriety at the Town Hall despite a judge calling the action "hopeless".

Mr Pickles sent in auditors PwC following a Panorama expose that alleged that Mayor Lutfur Rahman had influenced grant-giving to favour his own supporters.



By Jim Fitzpartick

We have now found out that the audit investigation into Tower Hamlets is running into the millions and it'll be local taxpayers footing the bill. As Tower Hamlets Council pulls one way and the Government pulls the other, each accusing each other of hypocrisy, the majority of us are left standing there without the end - or truth - in sight.


Voters on the Isle of Dogs backed two Labour members and a Conservative to represent their east London patch.

Election results for the Tower Hamlets Council ward of Blackwall and Cubitt Town were announced last night, with Labour pair Dave Chesterton and Candida Ronald joining Tory Christopher James Chapman as newly-elected councillors.