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EDL leader Tommy Robinson quits right-wing group

By Rob Virtue on October 8, 2013 1:09 PM |


The man who has organised a host of EDL marches on east London over recent years has quit his role at the controversial group.

Tommy Robinson announced on Tuesday he was resigning as its leader over concerns of the "dangers of far-right extremism".


The Metropolitan Police have banned the English Defence League from entering Tower Hamlets this weekend due to a threat of "serious disorder".

The group had planned to march from London Bridge to Whitechapel Road on Saturday but the Met has decided it would stop the procession going into the east London borough.

By Lutfur Rahman

lutfurrahman.jpgThe far right English Defence League is threatening to march through Tower Hamlets on September 7.

I am determined it will not bring its message of hate to our borough and I am pleased at the support I have had from an unprecedented number of national and local figures who have called upon the Home Secretary Theresa May to ban it.


Labour politicians in Tower Hamlets have called English Defence League plans to march on the borough an attempt to 'fuel hatred and division'.

The right-wing group is planning a demonstration on September 7. There is a counter demo set to be held by Unite Against Fascism on the same day.


A charity walk organised by English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been banned from Tower Hamlets by the Met Police.

The police have also told those taking part they cannot congregate at Woolwich on Saturday and will instead be restricted to Westminster.