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By Tabitha Ronson

It was a last-minute arrangement, and one that I had mixed feelings about, but MCM London Comic Con turned out to be an absolute blast.

I managed to get some tickets to the Sunday of the three-day event as I knew it would be Master A's Nirvana.



By John Biggs

This summer I had two short holidays. The first was in the Canary Islands. The second in Sussex. What a contrast.

I like the warm weather overseas, although it's a pain getting there. And I love popping down to the South Coast, but the weather is unreliable.


Thames Clippers has unveiled a new commercial partner, a new boat and new plans to accommodate thousands of extra passengers a year.

Credit card firm MBNA has come on board as a commercial partner meaning a new livery and technology for the existing fleet and the arrival of a cutting edge "fast craft" next year.

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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has been urged by the Docklands Victims Association to step in to protect the people of Libya.

The Middle East country is being plagued by ongoing violent conflicts between rival groups.


Vince Cable has given his backing to a £135million data centre development, that will see the Docklands become an international internet hub.

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